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The Law of Sacrifice

Many people have read the books “The Secret,” “The Law of Attraction,” and “The Power of Intention.” Yes, they all can be considered blockbuster hits in the book world. They are stocked on the shelves in the “Self Help” and “New Age” section of every major books store. These books talk about positive thinking, about how the laws of the universe work as far as attraction. However, they seem to be missing one major element, the law of sacrifice.

Within the last decade, people have been swept away by the Harry Potter movies. People want to believe that performing magic is relatively easy. That it can be dwindled down to swinging a wand and repeating chants with powerful incantations. There are other people who believe that magic, and the laws of the universe don’t work that way. It’s not just about thinking positive, it’s about making real sacrifices.

That’s difficult to do, especially in the 21
st century where almost everyone has a sense of entitlement. People think that they can just wave a magic wand and almost all their problems would be solved. Many people fail to realize that they must give up something that is truly valuable to them. They must make a trade, or an exchange of equal or more value. If a person wants to lose weight, they are going to have to give up the tasty cakes. They are going to have to sacrifice their time and invest it by walking in the park, or going to the gym.

If a person wants to have a successful business, they are going to have to sacrifice their time and money. If a person wants to be a performer, they are going to have to sacrifice their vulnerability. The universe works in such a way, where it is always expanding and contracting. This law creates and maintains life. Others may refer to the law of sacrifice as creative destruction, where something needs to be destroyed before something else is created.

We can see this law in many industries that just don’t exist anymore. No one has any need for a typewriter, or a phone booth. These things were destroyed, deemed obsolete so something bigger and better could replace them. Computers have replaced typewriters and cell phones have replaced phone booths. The law of sacrifice also exists within us. We must sacrifice the things that we don’t like about ourselves, in order to replace them with things that we love about ourselves.

If we think that we are too needy or overly independent. We can sacrifice some of these behaviors, and replace them with ones that are more beneficial to us. Building the life that we desire is not just about waving a magical wand. It’s about hard work, and sacrifice. And sometimes that means letting go of the things that we love the most.

Yamaya Cruz


Yamaya Cruz is an author of New Thought. She has traveled to the deepest parts of Africa to learn the secrets of the Zulus. She has studied with a shamanic midwife from South America, learned about the chakra system from a seasoned Yogi and studied the secrets of Tantra from a Greek master. She currently holds a Masters degree in Leadership & Management, and works as a spiritual/life coach and intuitive healer. Yamaya Cruz is also an expert author, novelist, and student of Ifa.

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