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Shifting From Darkness To Light With Obatala

Shamans believed that in times of trouble, pieces of the soul break away. They run and hide in the underworld, the subconscious mind. A Shaman will work to find the lost pieces of the soul, but it is incredibly difficult to do without calling on the father of lightness and purity, Obatala.
Obatala, In Yoruba is the father of all creation. He brings about wisdom, purity, and peace. Most importantly, he is the mediator between darkness and light, and can help to raise the consciousness of an entire civilization or just one simple human being. Obatala presides over cells within the human body, in particularly DNA.
Legend has it that Obatala descended from the heavens on an iron chain. This chain represents the genetic codes of information that are housed in our DNA. The chain also represents rings or cycles. This could mean the cycle of life, the cycle of energy, or even cycles of poverty and abuse.
In my earlier articles I discussed how our environment influences DNA. Epigenetic cells actually turn DNA cells on and off like a light switch. It works in response to our feelings, thoughts, emotions, and actions. We are very much in control of our bodies, even at a cellular level.
Sometimes, our bodies become unbalanced and we get sick. Our sickness can be mental or emotional or even both. We may visit a doctor or a spiritual healer who works with both physical and subtle energy. I mentioned before that subtle energy is invisible. While physical energy is hard and tangible. Subtle energy acts as a blueprint that instructs physical matter on how to operate.
Many spiritualist, healers, or shamans normally treat their patients by visiting the subtle world. In the subtle world, they consult the instructions manual to see exactly what part of the body or mind is not operating effectively. In many situations, people’s instructions manual have been changed. It has been translated into French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Shamans, spiritualist, and healers cannot understand the instructions and cannot find a way to translate it, because the language that it was written in is now dead.
This is the reason why it is so important for us to understand our culture and history. Our culture is the original blueprint of our souls. Without it, we are less than whole. Throughout history, parts of our souls have broken off. Our deities, our Gods, our practices are shunned upon and live in the dark recesses of societies’ congenial mind. This is the reflection of how split and broken we are as spiritual beings. Obatala is the orisha of lightness and consciousness. He can be called upon to rewrite, or recreate the instructions manual. We need to have an instructions manual, written in our own language, so we can put together the lost pieces of our soul.

Yamaya Cruz


Yamaya Cruz is an author of New Thought. She has traveled to the deepest parts of Africa to learn the secrets of the Zulus. She has studied with a shamanic midwife from South America, learned about the chakra system from a seasoned Yogi and studied the secrets of Tantra from a Greek master. She currently holds a Masters degree in Leadership & Management, and works as a spiritual/life coach and intuitive healer. Yamaya Cruz is also an expert author, novelist, and student of Ifa.

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